Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Motor Kit Work?

The SilverWolf™ Direct Drive Motor kit offers wheel spinning levels of Traction Torque as well as Front Wheel Antilock Braking for enhanced safety.

The motors provide traction torque to each of the front wheels. The extra traction allows you to climb hills and traverse off-road terrain that you would never consider attempting with a standard golf car.

What are the key features of this 4WD strategy?

  • The system enhances the Safety of the vehicle by providing Front Wheel Antilock Braking for vehicles that typically have only rear wheel drum brakes.
  • The system provides maximum Torque at low speeds gradually tapering off (in a user programmable way) at higher speeds where additional traction is not required.
  • The system disengages automatically and does not affect the drivability of the vehicle at higher speeds.
  • The system is fully bi-directional allowing the vehicle to back up steep inclines as required.
  • The complete system does not add significant weight to the vehicle.
  • The system does not adversely affect the range of the vehicle.
  • The system is designed for “plug and play” installation on selected vehicle Brands.
  • The system provides Torque to 12mph in 4H and Max Torque to 9 mph in 4L. The motors will freewheel after these speeds for more efficiency.
  • This system has 4wd High or Low in Forward or reverse allowing it to drive up steep inclines in forward or reverse.

How are the Motors Installed?

The motors are attached to the standard A-Arm Lift Kit or the vehicles suspension. The vehicle spindle and hub assembly are removed and replaced with the SilverWolf™ Adapter Kit which allows the motors to be bolted into place.

Note: Contact the dealer or SilverWolf to confirm the type of vehicle and suspension or lift kit required.

Do I need to lift my Golf Car to use the 4WD kit?

Yes. The motors are just over 10 inches in Diameter and you will need wheels that are at least 12 inches in diameter to accommodate the motors. Please refer to the minimum spec requirements data sheet. Failure to meet these requirements will void the warranty and could poses serious risk and or injury.

Can I use the 4WD kit with a golf car that has already been lifted?

Please refer to your golf cart owner’s manual and check SilverWolf's™ minimum specification requirements.

Can I use the existing wheels of my golf car?

Minimum wheel size spec is 12” or 14” rims with a center or 1” positive offset (4-3 offset) - if your wheel does not meet this please refer to owners manual.

Will the 4WD System affect the range of my vehicle?

No, when it is turned off it has no measurable affect.

When it's turned on and providing torque to the wheels, in many circumstances, it is increasing the range of your vehicle because our system can convert electrical energy to mechanical energy more efficiently than a stock golf car motor.

In addition our system provides substantial Regenerative Braking where the kinetic energy of the vehicle is converted to electrical energy which is used to charge the battery

Do I need to stop the vehicle to engage the 4WD?

No - The 4WD can be engaged or disengaged by the operator at any time using a dash mounted switch.

If I don't want to increase the track width of my car or modify the fenders, what are my options?

Install a lift kit and select 12"" or 14” rims with a 1 or 2 inch positive off-set for the front to accomodate larger tires without interference on the suspension components.

For the rear of the vehicle nothing changes so you can use standard wheels appropriate for lifted or unlifted vehicles.

Fenders have no really input here. Track Width can only be reduced with the 12” or 14” rims with a center or 1” positive offset (4-3 offset) . Standard Cart wheels are 1” negative offset( 3-4 offset)

At this time it does not work with carts that are not lifted.

What are the Modes of Operation?

The three position switch (4L - Off – 4H) controls the operation of the vehicle. In the "Off" position the 4WD is turned off. Your vehicle will operate normally as a 2WD golf car.

In "4L" mode, Maximum Torque is quickly provided at low speeds The system disengages at higher speeds.
In "4H" mode, the torque is provided gently over a greater range of speeds and is recommended if you are traversing difficult terrain. The system disengages at higher speeds.

How do I wire the Motors to the vehicle?

The power and signal wires coming from the motor are connected directly to the controller. In addition, you need to obtain a vehicle specific plug and play wiring kit which plugs directly into the vehicle's existing wiring harness. No cutting or rewiring is normally required.

There are two additional harness include in the kit that connect the Controller to the SivlerWolf™ GCM Communication hub and back to the Vehicles stock controller.

What happens if the Motors get wet?

The motors are designed to traverse streams and shallow ponds. DO NOT ALLOW THE MOTORS TO SIT SUBMERGED IN WATER for more than 30 minutes. Always park in a dry area.

Will the new Motors make my golf car go faster?

No, the motors operate as a secondary drive system. They contribute torque at lower speeds as needed. At higher speeds they disengage automatically.

Can I pull trailers with the 4WD kit installed?

Please refer to your golf carts owners manual.

Do both Front Motors operate at the same time?

Yes. They always operate together. With this system, there will always be 3 wheels providing traction, both of the front wheels and one of the back wheels (unless your golf car has a limited slip differential in which case you will experience All Wheel Drive).

Is it difficult to turn the vehicle with the 4WD engaged?

No, our system provides electronic differentiation. While turning, the inside wheel automatically does less work than the outside wheel.

Can I install only one front motor?

Please see minimum spec requirements - Silver Wolf does not recommend the installation of "one wheel as the system is designed to safely operate the drive system with both L and R motors installed.

Can I leave the 4WD turned on all of the time?


Will this kit work with my gasoline golf car.

No. Please refer to your carts owners manual for any modifications.

Can I use lithium ion batteries with this system for extended range?


If you are considering a lithium battery, please contact us at support@silverwolf.com to ensure that you will have enough power for our system to operate effectively.

Please see minimum spec requirements .

What is the warranty?

We offer a 1 Year replacement warranty. See warranty policy for details.

How is it administered?

Our warranty is administered at the point of purchase.

Do I need special tools or skills to install this 4WD system?

You will require standard hand tools, jack stands, and a jack to lift your vehicle. For all technical issues please contact your local SilverWolf™ dealer or drop us a mail at support@silverwolf.com.

If I buy a new golf car can I transfer this 4WD system over to it?

Please refer to your carts owners manual and SilverWolf™ minimum system requirements.