Discovery 4 Wheel Drive Motor

Discovery 4-wheel Drive Motor Kit For Electric Golf Cars

Expand your frontier with the all new 4x4 electric motor kit that turns your golf cart into a fully capable all-terrain vehicle.

The Discovery 4-wheel drive motor kit by SilverWolf™ upgrades your electric golf cart to be 4x4 capable by using two independent direct-drive electric motors mounted inside the two front wheels. This simple do-it-yourself, or dealer upgrade, boosts the capabilities of any golf cart to handle rough off-road trails, soft sandy terrain and wet, muddy conditions with 4x4 capable performance that increases your power, without affecting the range of your battery.


    Elevate your golf cart experience with our On-The-Fly 4x4 electric motor system. A simple toggle of a dash switch engages either 4 Low or 4 High power in both forward and reverse directions. Utilize 4 Low for maximum torque, seamlessly transitioning to 4 High at higher

  • Fully Enclosed and Waterproof

    Conquer streams, deep puddles, and challenging muddy terrain with confidence. Our SilverWolf™ electric motor system is fully enclosed and waterproof. Once your adventure is over, simply park your golf cart in an open area to dry out.

  • Towing and Climbing Power

    Unlock a world of possibilities with enhanced torque for towing utility and recreational trailers. The robust 4-wheel drive system empowers your golf cart to effortlessly conquer hills in both forward and reverse directions.


    When you require additional low-end 4-wheel drive power, activate the 4 Low mode for maximum torque.


    Our 4x4 motor kit includes
    everything you need, and installation takes just a few hours with easy step-by-step instructions.


    Experience greater safety with front-wheel antilock braking; as well as regenerative braking that increases your vehicle’s electric range.


    Stay in control with the SilverWolf™ app. Monitor vehicle performance, including vehicle speed, battery levels, power, and more, right from your device.


Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts can now harness the full potential of their golf cart's electric motor with the added capability of 4-wheel drive. Silently and confidently navigate to hunting blinds and fishing spots without the disturbance of a loud gasoline engine.


For rural property owners, a golf cart offers a fun and user-friendly vehicle for the entire family. Our Discovery 4-wheel drive motor system extends the possibilities of your electric golf cart. Whether tackling weekend chores or enjoying a leisurely ride, the Discovery 4x4 system ensures you reach your destination effortlessly.


Farmers are always on the move. Whether you're checking on livestock, heading to the back fields, or simply enjoying a ride down the bush lane, your electric golf cart provides a quiet, efficient means of transportation. With SilverWolf™, you can maximize your golf cart's potential with genuine 4x4 power and performance.


Perfect for cottagers and trailer park enthusiasts, our Discovery 4 wheel drive system transforms your existing golf cart into a true off-road electric vehicle. Take on sandy beaches and muddy trails while still enjoying the ease of your golf cart. Now, you can use your golf cart to comfortably tow your favorite toys to the water.


For the weekend warrior looking for adventures, SilverWolf’s™ 4x4 motor kit converts your electric golf cart into a true all-terrain vehicle. Confidently tackle muddy off road trails, cruise through creeks and puddles and overtake logs and rocks.