Rear Traction Motors

Rear Traction Motors

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The SilverWolf Rear Traction Motor Kit upgrades your electric golf cart’s existing stock DC rear motors to premium AC-permanent magnet motors. By upgrading to the SilverWolf motor kit, your golf cart will benefit from greater range, increased top speed as well as greater torque. Right out of the gate, riders have access to full-torque capabilities;  meaning you don’t have to wait and build up speed before you can climb that hill, ford that stream, tow that trailer.

SilverWolf utilizes premium AC-Permanent Magnet motors that deliver unprecedented energy efficiency derived by their reduced weight, regenerative braking capabilities, and smart Power Management Technology. The plug ‘n play electric motor upgrade is easy to install and the kit includes all major components including two AC-Permanent Magnets, 840 Amp AC Controller Smart Plug 'n Play Connector Module and our customize On-The-Fly Smartphone App.

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  • Teekon 9kW / 12 HP Motor Conversion Kit

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