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Widespread Linux Adoption

Ubuntu in the clouds

News Flash!

In addition to (*Ahem*) Obvious issues like Hardware vendors locked in by the deadly embrace of MS Volume Licensing practices …

Why not have the “Network” icon in Linux / Nautilus / Mate / Nemo / Konqeror / Rekonq / Thunar / PCFileMan / etc actually access the network (!) –

Find local servers, whatever way it needs to –

NMAP the local port 22s, make a list, WTF..

It’s just not that hard.

This hasn’t worked, in the 15+ years I’ve been using it.

Why isn’t anyone moving this forward?

Could this be (just one of the) reasons why Linux has not yet gained widespread adoption?

And year after year of being anointed with: “This is the year of the Linux desktop!” it continues to never materialize?

Canonical is off in never-never land, falling for the tappy-swipey Desktop fad, and trying be all things to all people (TVs, Phone, Tablets, etc).