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Just for posterity, and to help us all reflect for a moment on the evolution of the web, here’s the original Silver Wolf Software (aka Silver Wolf Inc) site, circa 1995 (and updated periodically until about 2004 or so):



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  • Wow, I remember the Silver Wolf Desktop… used it for quite some time until I could get a computer than ran Win95. Good stuff!

  • Hi, I’m a 28 years old brazilian GNU/Linux user and blogger. Today I decided to write a post about Silver Wolf Desktop that I knew when I bought a brazilian computer magazine called Windows Computing between 1995-97. At that time I was between 11 – 14 years old. It sort of changed my life because it was the initial push for me to acquire a taste for desktop customization and, of course, Linux, that give much more desktop flexibility than Windows and Mac.

    Now, a Linux user for years, I’m not into Gnome or KDE, but I’m a Enlightenment 17 user and I’m always flerting with Fluxbox, Openbox and other window managers and customizing my desktop to the extreme. All thanks to Silver Wolf Desktop.

    Congratulations for your awesome job…



  • Thanks, all, for the kind words and votes of confidence.

    I, too, am a Linux user and all-around Open Source guy, I founded this company:, eRacks Open Source Systems, among other Open Source work..

    All the best,

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